Project Background

The Hapeville Wireless Network will use wireless mesh technology that will be implemented in a two phased approach Phase A and Phase B.

  • Phase A will cover the Southside of the City 1.5 square miles from I-85 to I-75 (WCG funded),
  • Phase B will cover the North side of the City (primarily residential area) 1.25 square mile. HATT will appropriate the needed funds in subsequent years to be used for the build out of this phase.

Completing both phases will cover the entire City of Hapeville in wireless access. The total square mileage that the network would cover is 2.75 square miles.

The City of Hapeville and the Hapeville Association for Tourism and Trade are one of three cities to receive grant money from the Georgia Technology Authority to implement a wireless network. The total amount awarded by GTA is $299,354.00 and will help the City and HATT installed the first phase of a wireless network. This was the second round of funding for the Wireless Communities Georgia Grant.