Christ Church & Carriage House

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Photo Credit - darnyl k. katzinger photography

The Christ Church Building is the oldest standing church structure in the City of Hapeville. Built around 1895, the structure has functioned as a church, classroom space and a private residence. Previously located along the railroad tracks at the Depot Center, the Church endured severe structural damage as a result on the noise and vibrations from the railroad tracks. In an effort to save the structure at the advice of engineers, the City of Hapeville, the Hapeville Association of Tourism & Trade and the Hapeville Historical Society, decided to move the structure so that future generations could enjoy the facility. The facility was recently relocated and renovated with a maximum capacity of approximately 100 people.

The Historic Christ Church Building & Carriage House is available for exhibits, conventions, trade shows, conferences, as well as community and private events. Situated at Jess Lucas Y-Teen Park in the heart of Downtown Hapeville, it is easily accessible from I-75 & I-85. The Carriage House features a private room, full kitchen, courtyard and a small reception/gathering area. If you would like to be contacted by the Recreation Center Coordinator, please complete the Christ Church & Carriage House Inquiry Form today. 

The Christ Church & Carriage House is located at 680 S. Central Avenue, Hapeville, GA 30354. For directions to the facility, please click on the link below. (The driveway to the park is located off of Atlanta Avenue, between S. Central Avenue and Doug Davis Drive, by the Wells Fargo entryway, continue to the back of the lot where the Christ Church & Carriage House are located.)

Directions to the Christ Church & Carriage House