Request Traffic Mitigation


The Request Process

The process to request a speed hump is based on the City of Hapeville Code of Ordinances at Sec. 41-3-8. The steps below represent a simplified version. To view the full code, click here.


  1. Property owners or residents can submit a request on the Report A Concern form with the specific location in question. Please click here to complete the form. 
  2. A traffic engineer or the local authority charged with traffic studies, such as the Police Department, will complete a traffic study and publish the results to the resident who made the request.
  3. If 85% of traffic from the study is 11 mph+ over the posted speed limit, the request proceeds to the residents of the street.
  4. Next, at least 80% of residents on the street must sign a petition in favor of the speed hump. 
  5. Finally, the traffic engineer presents the results and a petition to the Mayor and Council for approval or denial of the installation.  

Additional questions residents have asked me that need clarification. 


  1. What is the process to request a standard stop sign, caution sign, slow sign, children playing sign, etc... or a blinking version of such a sign? 
  2. What is the process to request official on-street painted symbols or words to help mitigate speeding traffic?