Hapeville Association of Tourism and Trade
700 Dug Davis Drive 
Hapeville, GA 30354

June 21, 2016 

8:00 PM
Call to Order
Roll Call

  • Alan Hallman, Chairman
  • Ruth Barr
  • Michael Randman
  • Joshua Powell
  • Diane Dimmick 
Public Comments on Agenda Items
New Business
Arts Fund Presentation

In October 2015, the HATT Board negotiated and entered into an agreement with a 501c3 organization called the "Hapeville Arts Fund" or the Fund. At that time the HATT Board provided $20,000 in funding with a commitment of $30,000 more once funds were made available. The Fund organization wishes to provide the HATT Board and the City with an update on progress being made since last year's agreement and request the balance of the funding available.

For additional information, please feel free to contact the Office of the City Manager.
consideration and action to approve mural concept for Go Georgia Arts Project.

The 125th Committee met and discussed the correct historical designs for the planned mural on the King Arnold side of the Hoyt/Smith Center. The committee made various changes during their discussion on June 13th. The new design will be provided prior to the meeting of the HATT Board and City Council for review and consideration. Council member Randman and Charlotte Rentz participated in the discussion/recommendations.
Public Comments