Mayor and Council Session

700 Doug Davis Drive
Hapeville, GA 30354

October 2, 2018  7PM
Call to Order
Roll Call
Mayor Alan Hallman
Alderman at Large Michael Rast 
Councilman at Large Travis Horsley
Councilman Ward I Mark Adams
Councilman Ward II Chloe Alexander
Pledge of Allegiance
Recognition of Service Awards by Mayor Hallman
  • James Carroll III, Police, 20 Years
  • Lemuel Eubanks, Water and Sewer, 15 Years
  • Michael Hinson, Public Services Highways, 15 Years
  • Tonya Hutson, Public Services Highway, 15 Years
  • Calvin Westbrooks, Solid Waste, 10 Years
Recognition of Promoted Officers by Chief Glavosek
Top Five Finalist for Pedestrian Bridge Art Project

On August 21st, Beth Malone presented the proposals for the pedestrian bridge art project. Shortly after, Mayor and Council each selected five finalists to move forward with. Ms. Malone will present the five finalist at the October 2nd meeting for a final decision.
Public Hearing
Consideration and Action to Set the Millage Rate at 16.44

Mayor and Council adopted the City Budget on final reading, June 19, 2018. The adopted Budget for FY 2018 -19 is based on a recommended rate of 16.44 mills, same as FY 2017-18. This rate has been advertised as required and is ready for adoption by Council. This is the last of three (3) hearings for that purpose. Three hearings are required by the state, due to the increase in residential property tax assessments.

As has been well advertised, the Fulton County property digest for 2017 has yet to be approved by the State. The 2018 digest cannot be approved prior to the 2017 digest.  The courts approved a Temporary Collection Order (TCO) for the billing districts to collect taxes based upon the current county appraisals.  At this point in time staff projects that the General Fund millage of 16.44 Mills will generate approx. $4.35M in billable Real Property Taxes.  The City Budgeted $3.95M in Real Property taxes.  The budget included $340K in transfers from the Water and Sewer Fund to meet General Fund commitments. Without the transfers, the City Real Property Tax estimated budget needed to be $4.29M. 

Staff Comments:
Public Comments:
Mayor and Council Comments:
Consideration and Action to amend the A-D Zone (Arts Overlay District) - 2nd Reading

Consideration and Action to amend the A-D Zone (Arts Overlay District) to remove the geographic limitations for makerspaces within the Art District Overlay.  The City Planning Commission considered this item on September 11, 2018 and recommended the Mayor and Council approve the text amendment that deletes #5 of Section 93-28-12(5).  The Commission also recommended the additional language under Section 93-28-9(g) that references makerspaces be removed.  Staff supported their recommendation.  This ordinance was heard on September 18, 2018 as a first reading. This will be the second and final reading.

Staff Comments:
Public Comments:
Questions on Agenda Items
The public is encouraged to communicate their questions, concerns, and suggestions during Public Comments.  The Council does listen to your concerns and will have Staff follow-up on any questions you raise.  Any and all comments should be addressed to the Governing Body, not to the general public and delivered in a civil manner in keeping with common courtesy and decorum.
Consent Agenda
Approval of Minutes
  • August 7, 2018
  • August 21, 2018
  • September 18, 2018
  • September 24, 2018 (notes from town hall meeting)
Approval of Executive Session Minutes
  • August 7, 2018
  • August 21, 2018
  • September 18, 2018
Old Business
Discussion on Financing Proposal for Public Safety Radios

This is an update to the August 21st, 2018 Council Work Session item about Public Safety Radios. Staff brought before council the need to replace the Public Safety Radio System for Police and Fire.  The current system was purchased in 2006, and Motorola has discontinued the sales and support of the current XTS5000 radios. The cost for replacement will be approximately $544K.  Staff advised council that it would bring forth financing options for the equipment.

Included in the packet are the proposals from BB&T, Regions, SunTrust and Motorola.  Bank of America and Delta Community Credit Union declined the offer to bid.  For each offering at 4, 6 and 7 year terms, SunTrust offered the lowest rate. Unless otherwise directed Staff recommends working with SunTrust on the final financing packet with Motorola and will bring a final packet proposal for radio purchase no later than the November 6 Council Meeting.

Consideration and Action on Time Change for Regular Meeting Ordinance - 2nd Reading

Mayor and Council have agreed to discontinue having the 6PM Work Session prior to the first Tuesday of the month regular meeting, and moving the meeting up to 6PM. According to the City Charter, Chapter 4, Section 2-403, "The mayor and council shall fix the date and time of regular meetings of the mayor and council by ordinance and there shall be at least one (1) regular meeting each month." 

This ordinance was heard on September 18, 2018 as a first reading. Staff respectfully requests approving the ordinance with an effective start date of November 6.
New Business
Consideration and Approval of Resolution Discontinuing the Work Session Prior to Regular Meeting

The resolution discontinuing the first Tuesday Work Session is attached for review and approval. Staff respectfully requests an effective start date of November 6.
Consideration and Action on the Pedestrian Bridge Artist Selection

Earlier during the meeting, Ms. Malone presented the five finalist for the Pedestrian Bridge art project. Mayor and Council will now take action on the selected artist.
Consideration and Action On An Agreement with Dashboard In the Amount of $6,500 for the Execution of the Art Gallery Crawl And To Authorize the Mayor To Sign All Necessary Documents.

The Main Street Board has a partnership with Hapeville Arts Alliance and will provide financial support for the Hapeville Gallery Crawl. This Agreement will allow Dashboard to provide engagement for the Gallery Crawl, which will exhibit local 2D, 3D, and 4D artists. Specifically, Dashboard will provide the following services: curation, project management, installation, event management, and de-installation.

Consideration and Action on Declaring Police Department Bicycles as Surplus Property

The Hapeville Police Department is requesting Mayor and City Council to declare the attached list of bicycles, surplus city property and allow them to be donated to the Atlanta Police Athletic League. 

The Atlanta Police Athletic League (PAL) is a non-profit public benefit corporation.  Their mission is to provide a safe environment for youth to reach their full potential through partnership with police and the community.  PAL utilizes athletics, activities, and other programming geared to improve the quality-of-life for all youth participants by promoting confidence, self-esteem, civic engagement, academic achievement and social principles, with the goal of aiding them in becoming nurturing, productive members of society. 

Atlanta PAL is a nonprofit charitable 501 c (3) organization, established in 1983 as a community partnership between the Atlanta Police Department (APD), NPU’s, Community Investors and Business Associations.  Atlanta PAL serves youth 8-18 years of age by implementing constructive, carefully planned athletic and academic activities aimed at teaching moral, civic, academic and social principles to at-risk youth in a safe and nurturing environment.

Discussion Initiated by Tim Young on Resolution Requiring Businesses to Post Human Trafficking Signs

The Fulton County Board of Commissioners are challenging cities to get on board to help fight against Human Trafficking. To get involved, the County is requesting cities to require that their businesses post Human Trafficking Signs (attached). Currently East Point and South Fulton have both accepted the challenge. 
City Manager Report
Public Comments

At this time, the Mayor opens the floor to comments from the audience. Comments should relate to a specific agenda item, not listed on the agenda for a Public Hearing, or to a concern within the jurisdiction of the City. Mayor and Council meetings serve the purpose of conducting city business and are not a forum for the unlimited expression of opinion. The Mayor reserves the right to limit comments to matters germane to city business and may refer speakers to the City Manager or other staff for resolution.  

Mayor and Council Comments
Executive Session
When Executive Session is Required one will be called for the following issues: 1) Litigation O.C.G.A. §50-14-2; 2) Real Estate O.C.G.A. §50-14-3(b)(1); or 3) Personnel O.C.G.A. §50-14-3(b)(2).

Public involvement and citizen engagement is welcome as Hapeville operates a very open, accessible and transparent government. We do however remind our attendees/residents that there are times allocated for public comments on the agenda. In order for council to conduct their necessary business at each meeting, we respectfully ask that side-bar conversations and comments be reserved for the appropriate time during the meeting. This will allow the City Council to conduct the business at hand and afford our meeting attendees ample time for comments at the appropriate time during the meeting.