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Posted on: March 8, 2019

Homestead Exemption Deadline



April 1st is the 2019 deadline to apply for a homestead exemption. Please scroll below for some FAQs regarding applying for the homestead exemption. There’s an opportunity to benefit from homestead exemptions and reduce property taxes. 

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If I already have a Fulton County homestead exemption, do I still need to apply this year?

In most cases, no. If you have a basic Fulton County homestead exemption in place, it will remain as long as you own your home and make no changes to the deed. The new “floating” homestead exemptions adopted in 2018 will take effect automatically if you have a basic homestead exemption in place. Similarly, the new increase to the basic homestead exemption for APS will also take effect for all properties with an existing basic homestead exemption.

You DO need to apply by the April 1 deadline if you may now qualify for a senior homestead exemption, including the new no-income-cap 65 homestead exemption, or if you qualify for another special exemption (such as a disability-related exemption). If you already have a 65 homestead exemption, the new exemption will apply automatically.

You also need to apply if you bought a home in 2018 and didn’t apply at the time you purchased your home, or if you made changes to your deed.

Do homeowners need to apply for the “floating” homestead exemptions;?

No. Any property that has an existing Fulton County basic homestead exemption will benefit from the “floating” homestead exemption.

Can I apply for a homestead exemption online?

Yes. From the Fulton County Tax Assessors’ website, users can establish a “SmartFile” account and submit homestead exemption applications online.

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