What is a Final Plat?
A Final Plat is a legally binding document, once approved by the Hapeville Planning Commission, and recorded with Fulton County Superior Court, legally establishes a new lot or subdivision of an existing lot. For consideration, the Final Plat shall include the following information:
- The lines of all streets and roads, alley lines, lot lines, building setback lines, lots numbered in numerical order, house numbers, reservations, easements and any areas to be dedicated to public use or sites for other than residential use with notes stating their purpose and any limitations.

- Sufficient data to determine readily and reproduce on the ground the location, bearing and length of every street line, lot line, boundary line, block line and building line, whether curved or straight, and including true north point. This shall include the radius, central angle and tangent distance for the centerline of curved streets and curved property lines that are not the boundary of curved streets.

- All dimensions to the nearest 100th of a foot and angles to the nearest minutes.

- Location and description of monuments.

- The names and locations of adjoining subdivisions and streets and the location and ownership of adjoining unsubdivided property.

- Date, title, name and location of subdivision, graphic scale and true north point.

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