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Livable Centers Initiative

For several years, the Atlanta Regional Commission (ARC)–a 10-county agency that coordinates planning efforts, compiles the most current data, and forecasts future trends for the metropolitan Atlanta region–has been providing funding for investment studies and transportation projects located in activity and town centers in the Atlanta region.

This program of studies and projects has become known as the Livable Centers Initiative (LCI). The focus of the program is to encourage increased residential development, mixed-uses and connectivity in activity and town centers. For more general information on the program, see the ARC's LCI website.


The LCI in Hapeville
The Hapeville’s Planning & Zoning Division is currently working with public and elected officials to review and revise the City's zoning districts and ordinances in an ongoing effort to implement the Hapeville Town Center Livable Centers Initiative Study, completed in 2005.

The Hapeville LCI incorporates community participation to define the future development goals of the City. With the LCI study adopted by Mayor and City Council, the City has obligated itself to implementing the 5-year Implementation Plan included in the recommendations of the study.

Hapeville’s Implementation Plan
The Hapeville 5-year Implementation Plan covers numerous projects including revisions to City Code, planning initiatives, and capital improvement projects (streetscapes, pedestrian trails, sidewalks, utilities, etc). Ongoing projects scheduled for implementation include pedestrian improvements at Virginia Avenue/South Central, bicycle lanes on Dogwood Drive, amendments to the architectural design standards, and amendments to zoning.

Drafting the Plan
Tunnell–Spangler–Walsh & Associates (TSW) served as the principal planning consultants for the City of Hapeville Main Street Town Center LCI Plan. TSW, partnered with Marketek, Inc., URS Corporation and Hedgewood Properties who have expertise in demographics, housing and market research; transportation planning; and real estate finance and development, respectively. Together they created a financially viable, design-based vision, plan and implementation strategy for the Main Street Town Center, which began revitalization in recent years. 

The ARC provides financial incentives to communities to implement their LCI projects. A reimbursable grant match program has been established, whereby, the ARC will reimburse LCI communities up to 80% of LCI implementation project costs. Accordingly, a $1,000,000 streetscape improvement project would only cost the City $200,000 after reimbursement.

The ARC requires that LCI Communities work toward the implementation of the projects identified in the 5-year Implementation Plan in order to qualify for current and future project funding. These projects are scheduled on an annual basis, and LCI communities are expected to follow through with the projects in order to qualify for the following year's grant funding cycle. Communities who fail to follow through with the projects are less likely to qualify for implementation funds, or may be required to match a greater percentage in order to qualify.


Click here to view the Hapeville Town Center LCI Study (10.3mb)

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