Chief of Police 

The Hapeville Police Department operates under The Chief of Police, Rick Glavosek the supervision of the Chief of Police, who shall formulate department policies and procedures as well as administer rules and regulations and ensure that all General and Special Orders are understood and enforced.

Chief Richard M. Glavosek can be reached at 404 669-2150 or email Chief Glavosek.

Special Operations Lieutenant 

Lieutenant William HughesSpecial Operations consists of the Detectives, the Reserve Officers and Code Enforcement. Each part of the operation performs critical tasks within the agency. The Special Operations Division is commanded by Lieutenant William Hughes.

Lieutenant William Hughes can be contacted at 404 669-4674 or email Lieutenant Hughes.

Police Lieutenant 

The Uniform Patrol Division shall be commanded by an officer with the minimum rank of Lieutenant. The Lieutenant of the Uniform Patrol Division is in charge of units consisting of A-Watch and B-Watch. They report directly to the Police Chief as they assist with goals and long-range plans.

Lieutenant Mark Bradberry can be contacted at 404 669-2161 or email Lieutenant Bradberry.
Lieutenant Kemal Ozee can be contacted at 404 669-2159 or email Lieutenant Ozee.

Executive Assistant 

The Chief of Police shall appoint an Executive Assistant to assist in the executive and administrative needs of the Chief and the Department.

Nicoma Rodriguez can be reached at (404) 669-2152 or email Nicoma Rodriguez.