Residents Assisting Police (R.A.P.) Program

Voluntary Registration of Private Property Surveillance Cameras 

The Hapeville Police Department has implemented a new program called, "Residents Assisting Police" (R.A.P.). This program is the voluntary registration of surveillance cameras on private property. Residents and/or business owners with private surveillance cameras in the City of Hapeville may voluntarily partner with the Hapeville Police Department to assist in providing information and solving crimes.

This voluntary registration simply advises the police of residents/business owners with private surveillance cameras who are willing to share footage on incidents that may assist in solving crimes. Should a private registered surveillance camera be located in the area of a crime, officers/detectives could utilize the contact information provided by the owners to request such footage.

Residents and business owners are our biggest priority and we hold their partnerships to assist us in solving and deterring crime in the highest regard. If you would like to register your privately owned surveillance camera, you may do so by:

  1. Completing this online registry;
  2. Downloading and completing this R.A.P. Program Registry and returning it to: 700 Doug Davis Dr., Hapeville GA 30354; or
  3. Coming to the Police Department and requesting a form to fill out.

Information provided by residents and businesses for the R.A.P. program will be maintained in a secure database.

For more information or questions, contact the Hapeville Police Department at (404) 669-4672.