Fire and EMS Services

The Hapeville Fire Department is a career department that began operations on April 8, 1924. In the earlier years Hapeville Fire Department was a volunteer organization. Today the department has a Class 2 Insurance Service Office (ISO) rating.

The City of Hapeville is 2.4 square miles. It is bordered by Atlanta to the north and Hartsfield Jackson International Airport on the south side. Hapeville has a population of 6,373 and a daytime population of greater than 50,000.

Hapeville Fire Department has 33 firefighter/EMT's. Each shift consists of one Captain, one Lieutenant, two Sergeants, and six firefighters. Our Administration has six personnel; the Fire Chief,  Assistant Chief, Training Officer, Fire Marshal, Assistant Fire Marshal and  Executive Assistant.

The department responds to any and all emergencies requiring fire department assistance in the City of Hapeville and neighboring jurisdictions. The department operates an Advanced Life Support transport ambulance and two Advanced Life Support engine companies. In addition, the department operates one 100 foot platform ladder truck, and one command vehicle. The department has one engine and one ambulance in its reserve fleet.

Mission Statement 

The mission of the Hapeville Fire Department is to provide safe, professional services through education, prevention, emergency medical services, and community relations to preserve life and property within the City of Hapeville.

Philosophy of Operations 

The Hapeville Fire Department recognizes that its primary function is to provide for the safety and well being of the citizens of Hapeville. The most precious and valued resource of the Hapeville Fire Department is its members. The Department values the contributions of its members and their families to the organization, the community, and the fire services profession.

The principal function of the Fire Department is to provide services, such as fire suppression and emergency medical services, fire prevention along with public education, and hazardous materials decontamination as well as city-wide emergency management coordination. The Hapeville Fire Department recognizes that the measurement of its actions is determined by the quality of services its members deliver within the community. The Department strives to provide the best fire protection and emergency medical services for our community. The Department also believes that our citizens are safest when our personnel continue to improve their knowledge, skills and professional abilities by actively participating in training and educational programs.