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Posted on: December 4, 2020

Planter Program - Winter Weather Information

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Fall/Winter Watering Recommendations

Proper watering is the key to the success of your newly planted flowers.  

Fall/Winter flowers have different requirements than your spring/summer selection.  Pansies do not like to stay wet.  They should be watered no more than every other day.

In general, when the weather begins to cool off, pansies should not need any irrigation water.  Nature typically will take care of all watering needs beginning sometime in late November. However, should the weather pattern become warmer and/or drier than normally expected, plants may need additional watering.  Below are winter irrigation and hand watering guidelines.  

Watering times depend on your irrigation system setup.

  • Fixed sprays:  10-15 minutes per zone.
  • Rotors:  45-60 minutes per zone.
  • Hand-watering:  Check soil to make sure water is going to the depth of the plant roots.
  • Pots:  Water until water runs out the bottom of the pot.

Times to water:

Best practice:  water early in the morning!  This reduces your chances of getting fungus and disease problems.

2nd best option:  water in the evening as the sun sets.  Fungus breeds in wet, cool conditions, which are enhanced by night watering.

NEVER: water when a hard freeze is expected.

Please check the watering restrictions in your area to make sure that your watering practices fall within the current water conservation guidelines.

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