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Fire Prevention
How to protect you and your family

Home Fire Escape Drill:  Mistakes Cost Lives

Plan ahead Every household should practice the Home Fire Escape Drill. If a fire should occur, this drill can help you and your family escape.

The Home Fire Escape Drill is designed to help families practice two escape routes out of the house if a fire should occur. Planning and practicing two escape routes--one normal route through hallways and stairways; and an alternative route through windows or onto the roof--will help save the lives of you and your family. The alternative escape route is vital because most fires start in areas of the house that will likely block the usual hallway and stairway.

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Smoke Detectors:

Smoke alarms save lives each and every day. They help provide early warning for a deadly danger - fire! With a small ounce of prevention you can help protect the people in your life.

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