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Request for Proposals & Qualifications - Destination Marketing Organization (DMO)
Request for Proposals & Qualifications - DMO

The City of Hapeville, Georgia seeks proposals to establish a Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) to encourage and foster tourism and trade in the City of Hapeville. Specifically, the City seeks to designate a (DMO) to expend funding 2.1c of its 7c hotel/motel tax.

Any organization submitting proposals in response to this RFP and subsequently winning the RFP selection process must be an IRS 501(c)6 organization. In addition, any eligible 501(c)6 organization seeking to become the City of Hapeville's DMO under this RFP must have five (5) or more years of demonstrated experience in promoting tourism, conventions, and trade shows for local city/county and/or state governments. Only qualified and responsible vendors will be considered for award of this RFP. Any and all vendors submitting proposals in response to this RFP must comply with all terms and conditions outlined herein.

All proposers responding to this RFP shall submit one (1) unbound original and 19 bound identical copies for a total of 20 copies.  Proposers will have the option of adding an electronic PDF document on a flash drive.  This flash drive is encouraged, but not required.  All copies must be submitted to the City Manager's office by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, May 1, 2017. 


Packages should be clearly marked on the outermost envelop "Hapeville Tourism & Visitor RFP 2017" and addressed to:

Attention:  City Manager's Office    
City of Hapeville
3468 North Fulton Avenue    
Hapeville, Georgia 30354 

Download the Request for Proposals here. (Complete instructions are located within the RFP document, a PDF document.)

PLEASE NOTE:  An addendum to the RFP will be issued extending the deadline date from 5:00 p.m. on May 1, 2017 to 5:00 p.m. on May 4, 2017.  Additional details are forthcoming and will be posted to this site.

RFP Questions & Answers:

Q) 1. Whether companies from Outside USA can apply for this?
         (like, from India or Canada)
    A) The City will not preclude anyone from submitting a proposal as long as 
         they meet the criteria. Of course, the City cannot predict how the review  
         committee would view or score such a proposal. Items such as logistics, time zones,
         availability and clarity of communications will most likely be a consideration. PLEASE 
         REFER TO THE RFP CRITERIA AS DRAFTED to guide you in your efforts.

Q) 2. Whether we need to come over there for meetings? 

    A) Yes, there will be requirements for some face to face meetings. The frequency of 
         such meetings is yet to be determined. This RFP phase is only a ranking
         process. Such a specific detail would be addressed in a contract discussion. Again, 
         please look to the RFP language for guidance. Please note however, that I can represent
         that the City is open to video conferencing or other methods as possible techniques for
         communication as well. Once again, I cannot speak to how competitive such a
         proposal would be?

Q) 3. Can we perform the tasks (related to RFP) outside USA?
         (like, from India or Canada) 

    A) No Comment, please refer to the language and process for addressing issues outlined  
         in the RFP.

Q) 4. Can we submit the proposals via email? 
    A) No Comment, please refer to the language and process outlined in the RFP.

Q) 5. How many venues/facilities does the City have and where are they located?

    A) The City has five (5) venues, as listed below: 
          1. Scout Hut – 6345 S. Gordon Circle 
          2. Hapeville Depot Museum - 649 S. Central Avenue 
          3. Christ Church - 680 S. Central Avenue 
          4. Carriage House – 680 S. Central Avenue 
          5. Hoyt Smith Conference Center – 3444 N. Fulton Avenue 
          All facility rental information can be found on the City’s website:     
 and .

Q) 6. Is there an interest and/or expectation of the DMO to schedule events or that the DMO would manage the calendar? 
    A) The DMO would be required to post a planned calendar of events and communicate   
    with City staff about the availability of the facilities. The City has a coordinator who 
    manages the availability of the facilities. Please note the DMO will be responsible for the 
    facility rental fees.

Q) 7. Could you clarify the meaning of Section V. in reference to the description of staff capacity and work related references supporting the proposal?

    A) In your proposal, please provide the total number of staff in your organization and the
    current workload for your organization. This helps us determine if your current workload is
    heavy and if the City of Hapeville will receive the proper time allocation and effort needed to
    be successful in attracting the tourism we need to grow.

Q) 8. In reference to the information provided under General Scope of Services (Section IV.), are there a set of events already in existence or is there a general understanding to create events that will achieve the objective?

   A) The City of Hapeville does conduct annual events, such as Happy Days. There will also  
   be resources and opportunities for the DMO to create special events that the DMO deems
   necessary or appropriate to the overall goal of attracting tourism.

Q) 9. Is it fair to say the DMO is in place to support, market, and promote events already in existence and submit and create additional events?

   A) Yes, that is a logical conclusion.

Q) 10. In reference to the second to last bullet point, under the General Scope of Services on page 3 of the RFP (Provide for the management and implementation of any needed construction projects to improve visitor facilities and/or venues as specified and authorized under O.CG.A. 48-13-51 et seq.), would the cost of repairs and/or improvements for the construction of city venues come from the DMO’s budget?

   A) No.

Q) 11. Would the management and implementation of the venue’s construction projects be managed by the DMO and the actual project cost come from a separate budget?

   A) Yes, it would come from a separate budget. The management and the ability to work with
   the City in the planning process for any new proposed projects would be the focus.

Q) 12. In reference to the fifth bullet point under the General Scope of Service (Staff and operate a Visitor’s Center in a location appropriate for and approved under the provisions of O.C.G.A 48-13-51 et seq.), would the DMO need to fund the rent and facility expenses associated with a visitor center, in addition to staffing and operating? 

   A) Yes, to the extent such costs were negotiated upon award of a contract. An  
   estimate/place holder for purposes of the RFP would be sufficient.

Q) 13. The response to the RFP for Hapeville DMO requires a liability insurance policy naming City of Hapeville as an additional insured. If awarded the contract, our organization would like to secure a separate policy specific for this project. May we submit a copy of our current policy along with a letter from a licensed insurance professional confirming the capability to secure the certificate for the Hapeville DMO upon notification of the award? If this request is granted, our organization will provide the certificate of insurance the Hapeville DMO prior to execution of the agreement. 

   A) Yes, that would be acceptable.

City of Hapeville 3468 N. Fulton Avenue Hapeville, GA 30354 Ph: (404) 669-2100
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